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Frequently asked questions about using PanoPlaza Movie service are posted.

Q. Is there a movie format that can be uploaded?
A. Movie that can be used with PANOPLAZA MOVIE will be an equi rectangular format movie with aspect ratio of 2:1 aspect ratio. Although there is no limit on resolution, compression processing to the optimum size when uploading to the server.
Q. Please tell me the extension of the corresponding movie
A. It corresponds to MP4 and MOV.
Q. Is there a limit to the size of movies?
A. You can upload videos with a video size less than 1024 MB.
Q. Is it possible to view it with a paper viewer such as Hakosco or Google Cardboard?
A. You can browse with "PANOPLAZA MOVIE" application on Android and iPhone.
Q. Is it possible to view it with GearVR?
A. You can browse with "PANOPLAZA VR" of GearVR exclusive application.
Q. Can I do application development and system development using the PANOPLAZA MOVIE system?
A. This system is provided by OEM. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q. Do you support live delivery?
A. We also support live distribution.
Q. I'd like to ask live delivery, is it possible?
A. Yes. We accept shooting, distribution and archive recording of live distribution. Please do not hesitate to contact us.